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The Need for Substance Abuse Treatment Programs in Oklahoma

The Need for Substance Abuse Treatment Programs in Oklahoma

If you turn on the television or read the newspaper, on a daily basis there are reports of drug related issues that are plaguing Oklahoma. Many Oklahomans believe that drug addiction is just a way of life and you have to live with it every single day for the rest of your life. What many Oklahomans do not know is that substance abuse treatment programs, like Oklahoma’s Narconon Arrowhead, can end drug abuse and give a person their life back.


On the one hand, it is reported by the White House Drug Policy that 16,860 individuals were admitted to substance abuse treatment facilities of all sorts in 2007. However, according to National Survey on Drug Use and Health data in 2005-2006, approximately 77,000 Oklahoma residents reported needing but not receiving treatment for illicit drug use. It is probably safe to say that the other 60,000+ are still addicted and do not know what to do about their addictions. Unfortunately, many of these people feel like it is a lost cause and they should give...

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Drug Rehab for Residents in Oklahoma

Drug Rehab for Residents in Oklahoma

Many individuals in Oklahoma are affected by drug use either directly or indirectly.  While there are literally thousands of drug rehabilitation options for a person to get help with these substance abuse issues, how do you know what treatment method is right for you? How does an individual get recovery for a lifetime instead of a couple of months clean and then the same cycle over again?

Narconon Arrowhead has developed a method of treatment for addictions that has over a 70% success rate. The long-term, residential drug treatment facility takes a non-traditional approach and handles the whole addiction: both mentally and physically. Narconon believes that addiction is not a disease and can be overcome. Drug addiction is not incurable. There are drug rehab centers in Oklahoma that handle a person’s addiction and the person never uses drugs again.

Narconon Arrowhead specializes in handling addictions to: alcohol, heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, marijuana, methamphetamine, and prescription drug... Read more

Oklahoma Methamphetamine Addiction

Oklahoma Methamphetamine Addiction

The need for effective drug rehab and addiction treatment in Oklahoma is clearly evident due to the fact that the drug problem is destroying the lives of far too many people throughout the state. According to law enforcement officials throughout Oklahoma, methamphetamine abuse is high and is still on the rise. Methamphetamine is a powerful stimulant that affects the central nervous system and can induce anxiety, insomnia, paranoia, hallucinations, mood swings, delusions, and violent behavior, particularly during the "tweaking" stage of abuse.

According to the Office of National Drug Control Policy, 9.8 kilograms of methamphetamine was seized in Oklahoma in 2007. Over the last decade there have been thousands of methamphetamine lab incidents reported in Oklahoma with 57 federal drug case sentencing. With 3,322 individuals checking in to treatment for methamphetamine in Oklahoma in 2007, it is safe to say that something else needs to be done to handle the methamphetamine problem in Oklaho...

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Detoxification Facilities in Oklahoma

Detoxification Facilities in Oklahoma

There are a few different types of detoxification facilities in Oklahoma that a person can go to in order to get help for their drug addiction. Dependant upon the individuals needs determines which type of detoxification is necessary for that person.

The Narconon Arrowhead New Life Detoxification program has proven to be effective for residents in Oklahoma. A vital step in detoxifying and rehabilitating a person is flushing out the accumulated drug residuals that are left in a person’s body so that they no longer have physical cravings for the drug.


When drug residuals remain in the fatty tissues, they can be released into the blood stream at any time and can cause a person to experience cravings for the drug. The number one reason for relapse is physical cravings. This is why it is so important to totally cleanse the body of all drug toxins.

Narconon’s detoxification program is an all natural process. The detoxification program uses nutrition, counseling and physical therapy type assist... Read more

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